About Shambalah


The basic 'Shambalah-team' consists of: Luc, Claudine, Tine, Ivan, Els, Kurdet , Lien & Tine... each with their own specific tasks and talents. This team will also be enforced by freelance staff, contributing with their own fields of expertise.



Shambalah is a center, a meeting point where people come HOME... and feel good.
Where the focus is aimed at both the ‘outside’ as the ‘inside’. A place where you can shake off the chaos and get back in touch with your true self.

The purpose of the workshops and activities is to guide (re-guide) people towards finding their way back to their origin, their source, to face the challenges of life from their inner power.

In a playful, creative and moving manner, Shambalah organizes programs to retrieve your ‘vital energy’. Becoming aware of our ‘Self’ and recognizing the patterns that block our ‘Self’ = healing = become whole again.

For whom?

Those suffering from stress, in need of serenity, feeling misunderstood, lethargic, without purpose...

Visit Shambalah for a better sense of well-being.

Meaning : shambalah

"Source of Happiness"

The inspiration for Shambalah arose in 1998. Shambalah is a gift, a full story, we are merely the executors. Shambalah is the road for each of us! 'Shambalah' is now a gift to you. Shambalah also means heaven, paradise, or the highest energy one can reach.
We encounter Shambalah in different cultures, possibly by another name, but the principle and symbolism remain the same.

The ‘exterior’ Shambalah is a source of energy on earth, a hidden kingdom on this world, a heavenly city of light.

It is a ‘pure resort’, accessible to people with a ‘pure spirit’, living in harmony with human and nature. Where perfect creatures reside, guiding the evolution of humanity.
In our Western world, better known as ‘the New Jerusalem’.

The ‘inner’ Shambalah is hidden within the human unconscious mind.

The ‘other’ Shambalah is the hidden learning curve of life. The path to Shambalah is a journey of the soul to a place of ‘unconditional love’, to the heart, where the key to the source of happiness is to be found.

The conviction that the Shambalah era is approaching, or that humanity is at a phase of transition, is considered a fact to most. The appearance of the Shambalah era does not really refer to a location, but to a level of understanding in the hearts and thoughts of humans. It is a humanization process, where sense and feeling find their communal balance, so that the multiple dimensions on earth may be discovered.

“The quintessential teachings on Shambhala. "The Shambhala teachings are founded on the premise that there is basic human wisdom that can help to solve the world's problems. This wisdom does not belong to any one culture or religion, nor does it come only from the West or the East. Rather, it is a tradition of human wisdom that has existed in many cultures at many times throughout history.” (Ch. Trungpa)

Perhaps ‘this Shambalah center’ has the task (even though it may only be a tiny part of this tradition of wisdom) to spread out the wisdom, independent of any religion or culture, but with a ‘universal approach’ and wrapped in its own ‘form of expression’!

Schilderij Shambalah


Shambalah has its own unique construction and is built by a certain philosophy and symbolism.

The square and the circle are central:

◯ = symbol for the higher substance

■ = symbol for the material substance

The ◯ and the ■ are the grid, the frame and the framework of the creation.

The ◯ = the unmanifested infinity = 5

The ■ = the manifested world, the structure, the finite = 6

6 comes after 5: the ■ comes after the ◯: the infinite needs the structure to manifest itself...

The building manifests itself as the square, outside the terrace emerges a circle shape.
The symbolism is repeated out front, in the pagoda. This symbolizes the ‘zero point’ of the mouth of ‘pacha-mama’, which is connected through the ‘chakra line’, running through the building with the merkaba field of crystals in the garden above ‘Keter’.

A similar floor plan is found in the cathedral of Chartres. The floor plan corresponds to the structure of the Kabalistic Lifetree and a human being lying down. The structure also took into account the Feng Shui and wisdoms of other cultures.

The fundaments of the whole building, including specifically the pool, are filled with minerals (crystals, rosequarts,...)

The pool is on the ‘plexus’ or ‘cusco’ = spiritual stomach. The pyramid above has an energetic effect. The pool area symbolizes the desert: purifying.
The pool and the ‘waterworks’ are in line with the theory of Emoto: the water forms into crystals under the influence of warmth, colour, sound, movement, intention,... which emerges you into a ‘healing bath’.

The roof has its own shape. The heavenly energy descends, but lingers on the rooftops and is not lost on the ground. To reach the main entrance, you take seven steps on the stairs, in accordance with the path of initiation and awareness-process to Keter.

The two pillars at the main entrance represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or the left-, right-, and middle path... all to be retrieved in a variety of traditions.
The main entrance represents the ‘middle path’ and consists of 12 splits, with the total number of 13...

Everything in our building has its specific reason; the place, the colours, the sobriety, the amount of windows...

The exterior is colourful: these are the colours of ‘the fire’.
The fire is the ‘layer’ or connection between heaven and earth; it is not shapeable like the other 3 elements (earth, water and air), and lingers between material and non-material.

This is an overall view on the shaping of Shambalah!