Body massages

Body massage child (< 14 years)

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 25 euro

Head, neck and back-massage

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 30 euro

Cranio sacrale massage

Cranio-sacral therapy and Fascial therapy mdb approach you in totality as a person and help you to recover your dynamic balance.

Cranio-sacral therapy and Fascial therapy mdb are manual therapies, working on the self- regulating powers of the organism and mainly focus on the connective tissues. These fascia (connective tissues) contract when dealing with physical, psychological or emotional stress, which may lead to blockages. The blockages prevent the optimal collaboration and the body will function less as a unity. This leads to a variety of complaints.

The Fascial therapy mdb operates from a natural given: ‘a living body is in constant movement’. By conducting precise and slow techniques, respecting the demands of the body of the client, the Fascial therapist will conquer the blockages of the joints, functional disorder, pain and suffering of the body. It corrects the incoherence of the movement, in order to gain a physiological correct motion. The health of the customer resumes its course and he/she regains balance. It is a manual therapy, working on all structures of the body fascia (bone, joints, ligaments, muscles, blood stream, nerves, heart, lungs, intestines, ...). Their collaboration guarantees health and balance.

With the Cranio-sacral therapy, the therapist will mainly focus on the presence or absence of the Cranio-sacral rhythm throughout the body. This rhythm is tangible since the cranial fluids in the brain runs through the brains, the cerebral membrane and the elongation of that membrane around the spinal marrow right up to the sacrum, through its own pulsation system. This makes it tangible throughout the body. The pulsation is disturbed when the body suffers from blockages, and the Cranio-sacral therapist needs to relieve these blockages in a gentle manner. Therefore, the therapist invites stillpoints, which are the deep self-regulating moments for the whole body. You will enter a deep relaxation, which allows your body to start recovering from tension, blockages and possible emotional issues. It will soften or even resolve the issues.

CRANIO and FASCIA are used for:

  • Stress related complaints, complaints of the back, migraine and headaches, neck- and shoulder complaints, ...
  • When suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatism, Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pain, ..., chronic fatigue, sleeping disorder, burn-out syndrome, depression, anxiety, ...
  • When suffering from and trauma
  • To boost personal identity and self esteem,
  • For personal development, awareness, ...
  • Searching for relaxation, peace and quiet, ...

Duration: +/- 60 minutes
Price: 55 euro

Shiatsu (pressure point-massage)

Shiatsu is a Japanese word which literally means ‘finger pressure’.  It arose from spontaneous, natural intuitive proceedings of human, and is a branch of the traditional Eastern medical science. It is clear that Shiatsu regulates the working of the nerve system, increases resistance, improves blood circulation which cleanses the tissues and makes the body more supple. A treatment enhances the natural energy stream in the body and harmonizes the internal environment.

Shiatsu is a traditional healing method, based on the points and meridians (energy leads) and helps us with a variety of problems. The masseur solely uses his body, fingers, hands, elbows, knees or feet. The treatment is usually adopted on the ground, on a typical tatami with a futon. Both the client and the therapist wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 60 euro

Energetic-Holistic massage

The massage is performed on a massage table. The bare skin is gently treated with a combination of essential oils from head to toe. It is a very placid massage, with a powerful effect, due to the exchange of energy, which recharges your batteries in all tranquility.

Duration: ± 60 minutes
Price: 60 euro

Chi Yang massage

Chi-yang is a massage therapy that suits the 2-in-1 principle perfectly. Meaning that this treatment is utterly suited to combine a face and body treatment.
The oil is very powerful, as it contains 22 carat gold leaf that penetrates the skin during treatment.
Gold is a precious metal, highly esteemed by our ancestors because of its energetic value. Check the Maya’s, Inca’s, Aztecs, Egyptian and many other nations from our old and new times.

Both body and mind are being treated. The therapist manipulates certain pressure points through the energy meridians in the body, which harmonizes our whole organism.

This treatment starts with a hot compress.

Duration: ± 60 minutes
Price: 65 euro

Chocolate massage

Chocolate is an experience of the senses, which allows you to forget all your daily worries. The calming stimulant of chocolate influences our skin in a positive manner. The experience of the hot flow of chocolate spread out on our body is divine. An emotional and optical piece of art develops on our body under the massaging hands. A chocolate-soft skin. Specially selected ingredients, like shea-butter and almond oil nourish and smoothen the skin.

Duration: ± 60 minutes
Price: 60 euro

Candle massage

Pamper yourself with a delicious candle massage. Hot candle oil is carefully poured over the body and delightfully massaged into the skin. A new benevolence for the whole body. It provides a sense of deep calm and a feeling of total relaxation, it softens and nourishes the skin. There are different aromas: chocolate, vanilla, orange and green tea.

Duration: ± 60 minutes
Price: 60 euro

Bedouin massage (cupping)

It is a form of acupuncture, focusing on the movement of blood, the energy -qi and bodily fluids, such as the lymph, which circulates around the tissues in the body.

Fire-heated glasses are placed on the skin to stimulate blood circulation and decrease stress and pain.

It is a successful method. The therapist uses a couple of glasses. Fire is made in the glass and placed quickly unto the skin, this creates a vacuum. The suction anchors the glass to the body, and the area that covers the skin is sucked a couple of millimeters in the glass. The glasses remain on the skin while the area beneath is being treated. The bodily fluids and energy start flowing.

Treatment mainly for pain, complaints of shoulder and back, headache, stomach and intestinal complaints, weak digestion, painful period. Lung diseases, especially when dealing with chronic cold and asthma, beginning of flu, cough. Even beneficial for treatment of cellulite and slimming treatments, it ensures that fat is removed from the cells: the clotted fat cells are taken apart and the underlying fluids are drained.

Duration: ± 1 hour 15 minutes
Price: 65 euro


Door een zachte massage toe te passen , gaan wij het lichaam zoveel mogelijk in ontspanning brengen. Je lichaam verandert en krijgt heel wat te verduren tijdens de zwangerschap. Vaak hebben we het zo druk , dat men zichzelf voorbij loopt. Neem een uurtje voor jezelf en baby, en geniet van deze welverdiende rust.

Na deze massage, heb je weer extra energie en zijn de vermoeide benen en spieren weer in form om er tegen aan te gaan .

Duur: 1 uur
Prijs: 60 euro

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is een volledige lichaamsmassage waarbij componenten uit deep tissue massage, acupressuur, reflexologie, yogamassage aan bod komen. Elke component heeft een eigen specifiek doel. Ze bevordert de bloedsomloop en spierversoepeling en brengt het lichaam in een diepe staat van relaxatie.

Zo geven afwisselend vloeiende en tonische bewegingen een ontspannend en verkwikkend effect. Balinese massage maakt gebruik van een combinatie van diepe druk, lange massagestreken en huidvoortschrijdende technieken om de knopen eruit te dwingen, om de spierspanning te verzachten en echt je bloed te laten stromen. De Balinese Massage is toegankelijk voor iedereen. Echter niet geschikt voor zwangere vrouwen en personen die aan huidproblemen lijden.

Duur: ± 90 minuten
Prijs: 75 euro

Herbal stamp massage

This herbal massage starts with pressure point movements of the palms, alternated by pressure point movements of the fingertips over the whole body. The originality of this treatment lies in the usage of plants with calming characteristics. The fresh herbs, tightly wrapped in cotton bags, are pre-heated by steam. The hot bags are slowly rubbed unto the skin, through the energy lines, passing on the beneficial effects of the plants. A feeling of wellbeing rapidly enwraps the spirit. The relaxed body fully unwinds.

Duration: ± 1 hour 15 minutes
Price: 65 euro

Hotstone massage

Hot stones are an ancient tradition by the Indian tribes who used these spirits to announce healing and purification.

They are planted on the energy points of the whole body, followed by a massage with these stones. A feeling of relaxation and wellbeing for the body and soul, acceleration of blood stream, increases vitality, strengthens the Yin, reduces the Yang. Tensions and joint pains decrease, meridians are liberated and mobility improves due to the warmth.

Duration: ± 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: 65 euro

Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage is a massage by Chinese principles and life envelopments, mainly based on the five elements. The nerve ends and shallow muscles of your body are enticed through heated bamboo sticks in different sizes. A better flow occurs, which helps the cells in the body gain more oxygen and nourishment.
Bamboo massage is relaxing, but mainly works stimulating and ensures a better flow, which results in more oxygen and nourishment for the body.
The massage handles fatigue and stress, and revives the body.

Duration: ± 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: 70 euro

Orang Malu massage

This massage is a mixture of different Eastern and Western influences, such as Ayurvedic, classic, reflexology and the energetic massage. The Orang Malu massage is performed with heated wooden Kayu’s, made of Mahoni wood. These Kayu’s vary in shape, which makes them easily adaptable to what the body needs. The Orang Malu’s are used to massage the body more in depth, in order to detox the muscles. The combination of both offers a positive effect on breathing, blood, digestion and lymph circulation. By supplying energy and a complete feeling of well-being, the Orang Malu massage is an absolute invitation for the body to relax. You will also receive a little Orang Malu sculpture.

Meaning Orang Malu: 
It is the nascent Buddha who is ashamed of the distress in the world. For this reason, he chose a hunched up meditative composure. By being introverted, the Orang Malu finds peace and happiness within. The words Orang Malu literally mean shy person. In the sage, Orang Malu means modesty, the introverted, circle of life, no beginning nor end, inner strength, meditation and awareness. When you look at the Orang Malu from behind, you will see the heart. This represents the source of energy, the inner center of all. When you look at the Orang Malu from the side, then both arms represent a fetus, symbol for new life and purity. If you own a Orang Malu, position it with its head towards the entrance, it will influence everything with a positive power. Negative energy will be neutralized. Put the Orang Malu in a spot where it attracts attention, so people will be drawn to laying their hands on its head. When looking at the Orang Malu from above, you will see its face.

Duration: ± 90 minutes
Price: 85 euro

Ayus Lomi

Massage from the center of being, this treatment which will make you dream, purify and transform... a true feast for the soul.

Ayus lomi is a combination of treatment and rituals, executed with the highest form of respect and serenity. A way of initiation, with the purpose of purification and transformation. A strong intention (love) and mana (energy) takes central place here.

Ayus lomi takes up about half a day, and is not suited to all, due to its intensity.

Duration: ± 3 à 4 hours
Price: 190 euro