A haven of spiritual peace
& relaxation


Shambalah has its own unique concept: It does not just want to profile itself as a sauna or beauty center. Above all, it is a center for relaxation, therapy and general wellbeing. At Shambalah, the focus is you (see ‘purpose’). This idea is supported by specific therapies, courses, readings and other events. Shambalah also offers its facilities to institutions and schools to host their courses and workshops.


Accommodatie Gezondheidspraktijk


  • Sauna complex
  • Practice and treatment area
  • Hair studio
  • Pool and relaxation area
  • Meeting and workshop room
  • Snuggle and chakra area
  • Multifunctional room
  • Group room
  • Movement space
  • Sleeping room / conversation room
  • Kneipp therapy area
  • Reading corner
  • Meditation area
  • Terrace and garden

Pura Vida 

Pura Vida

A health practice where you can find:

  • Nutrition advice
  • Advice about detox
  • Fytotherapy and food supplements
  • Anti-cancer diet
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bouchardon tree oils
  • Kinesiological tests

Also, guidance on and prevention of (chronic) health problems such as CFS, fibromyalgia, burnout, depression, diabetes II, ADHD, increased cholesterol, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, sleep disorders, endometriosis, PMS, menopause, ...

You can also get help preparing for a pregnancy.

For this, you will be accompanied by Hilde Willems (Orthomolecular and health therapist - officially registered BBNA and BBOW).


For more information or contact, ask the Shambalah desk or mobile phone number 0486 37 09 10 (by appointment only).