House rules

Access to the aqua temple :

  1. Children under 12 are at all times accompanied and supervised by an adult person. Parents are responsible for the good behavior of their children.
  2. People with a skin condition are requested to show a medical certificate provided by their Doctor.
  3. People with open wounds will be denied access to the premises.
  4. Animals are not allowed.
  5. Service and staff areas are not accessible to guests.
  6. People who show signs of being under influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access to the premises.
  7. Two hours before closing time, access to the premises will not be granted.
  8. Slippers provided by Shambalah should be worn throughout the premises.

Dressing rooms

  1. You can only change clothes at the dressing rooms.
  2. Do not stay there longer than necessary.
  3. Close the door whilst changing your clothes.
  4. Put your personal belongings in the locker.
  5. Take care of the key of your locker, when the key gets damaged or lost, you will be charged for the extra costs.

Bathing suits, swim -and dive material

  1. Bathing suit is obligated at all times. For gentleman: swim briefs, for ladies: bathing suit or bikini.
  2. Flippers, balls, hand paddles are not allowed.
  3. Diving goggles and snorkels are not allowed.


  1. Keep everything clean.
  2. Wear clean bathing suit.
  3. Only a wheelchair provided by Shambalah is permitted.
  4. Take a shower before and after usage of pool/sauna, and after each sanitary visit.
  5. Always contribute to maintaining a clean building and accommodation.
  6. Shampoo and soap are only allowed in the showers.
  7. Shoes are not allowed once you enter the Aqua Temple area.
  8. Staff and all guests will wear slippers once they entered the Aqua Temple area.
  9. Please deposit your waste and/or paper in the designated waste bins.
  10. No running, eating, nor drinking is allowed in the Aqua Temple.
  11. Animals are not allowed.
  12. Jumping and diving are forbidden.
  13. Any form of intimate contact is disturbing towards other guests, and therefore not allowed.

Sauna and steam room

  1. Children under 16 may only use the facilities when accompanied by an adult.
  2. Always take a shower before using the sauna or steam room.
  3. Also take a shower after using the sauna or steam room
  4. Conduct yourself by the sauna philosophy and respect quiet and serenity.
  5. Bathing suit is mandatory when using sauna and steam room (naked is forbidden).
  6. You are obligated to sit on a towel when using the sauna.
  7. One sauna or steam room session lasts 15 minutes maximum, longer usage is at own risk.
  8. Time spent in sauna and steam room should be adapted towards children and taking age into account (please inform at the check-in).

You are not allowed to

  1. Bother or hinder other people.
  2. Run around the pool or any area in the Aqua Temple.
  3. Play dangerously.
  4. Push each other into the water, or hold the other under the water.
  5. Behave in a rude or obscene manner.
  6. Damage or smear the pool or interior.
  7. Touch or move rescue material when there is no emergency.
  8. Eat and drink in the Aqua Temple.
  9. Bring along sound equipment.
  10. Bring along sharp objects.
  11. Bring along electrical devices.
  12. Spit at the premises.
  13. Smoke at the premises.
  14. Ignore guidelines given by the staff.

General supervision

  1. All staff and therapists will see to the compliance of these rules. You will follow their guidelines at all times.
  2. Inform the staff at check-in when you are disabled or suffering from a disease.
  3. Children under 16 will only be allowed access to the premises if accompanied by an adult. The parents or responsible adult are obliged to monitor the child at all times.
  4. A maximum of 25 people is allowed at the Aqua Temple, with a maximum of 18 people in the pool.

Swimming classes

Relaxation and habituation for babies, toddlers, children and seniors, as well as aqua move/balancing, are always under the guidance of a teacher/therapist.

Time frame Aqua Temple

  1. The access to the Aqua Temple is granted for a duration of 2 hours, 4 hours or a full day, depending on the arrangement.
  2. Visitors will not be allowed entrance two hours prior to closing time. The dressing room has to be cleared at closing time.
  3. If you can not handle the house rules, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately, in which case your entrance fee will not be reimbursed. When it becomes a case of recurring problems, entrance to the premises will be denied.

Valuable tips

  1. Leave jewelry, money and valuables at home. If you did bring valuables, please keep them safe in the lockers.
  2. Our staff is always available for questions or suggestions.
  3. If you would find yourself in a situation that you experience as strange or hindering, we are ready to help you in finding a solution.
  4. A copy of these rules will be at the entrance. If you would like a copy, we are happy to provide you one.


  1. The visit to the center is at own risk. The Management is not responsible for accidents, theft, and damages of properties caused by third parties, not in the water, nor in the dressing rooms or parking area.
  2. Lost and found objects are to be given to the staff or at check-in.
  3. Anyone who causes damage will be held accountable and will have to reimburse costs.
  4. Lost and found objects will be kept available during 2 months.

Complaints and/or suggestions

If you would, despite our aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible, still feel the need to file complaint, our staff at the reception desk will be happy to take note. We will handle your complaint as soon as possible.


We request an advance payment of 50% on the total price, for treatments that require preparation in terms of products and for groups using the facilities.