Chi machine

A divine feeling rushing through your body. You are gently rocked from your feet up to your head, like a fish swimming in the water. Stretched out on your back, whilst getting a beneficial, relaxing shake session. At 80 movements per minute, all stress is removed from your body. Not just the legs, but the whole body is rocked intensely. The Chi machine passes through the ankles and puts your whole spine into a moving motion, your vertebrae is gently rocked up to the crown of your head. Since this massage has a beneficial hold on the central nerve system, all muscles are relaxed and provided with more oxygen and a better blood circulation. When the body cleanses itself, this has an automatic increase of energy intake and a better blood circulation. Energy is more a matter of purification than of nourishment. The lymph circulation is increased, which enhances the drainage of toxins. Through the sideway movement of the spine, the pressure on the vertebrae is decreased and we find ourselves in a state of wellbeing.

Duration: ± 15 minutes
Price: 15 euro

Micro massage

Especially the oscillating, vibration massage with infrared heat generates a stimulation that causes an expansion of the veins, which enhances a better flow of the corresponding tissue. You feel this effect in the shape of a comfortable warmth. The harmony between body and soul will balance when you are on this micro massage mat. Through the same line, healing stimulations may be routed to sick organs. Snail substances are released and are led away through the strengthened bloodstream.

Duration:  20 minutes
Price: 20 euro