Klapp & Arkana 

ASA This treatment enhances the cell distribution, reduces pigment spots, wrinkles are smoothened out 80 euro
Women defintion Woman Definition is a phytohormonal skin treatment for women, restoring balance and youthful appearance during hormonal changes. It slows down the processes of skin ageing associated with a decrease in estrogen levels, intensification of glycation processes and oxidative stress. 85 euro
C-pure The skin looks smooth, young and fresh, through stimulation of collagen bio synthesis 80 euro
CS3 The skin looks smoother and softer, with tighter outlines 85 euro
Sung Rei (+ short neck- and shoulder massage) Increases feeling of relaxation and well-being, supplements moisture depots in the skin, skin and soul are massaged by gentle movements 85 euro
Immun for stressed skin & fights against premature aging Leaves skin calm, healthy & youthful looking .
Excellent for dry & sensitive skin
80 euro
Caviar An exclusive Caviar-Complex with extra decolleté treatement and natural Bio-Peptides are meant to stimulate the cell metabolism and give new regeneration impulses to the tired skin structure. CAVIAR is the Beauty- and Wellness-Formula for the female and male skin that wants to indulge and relax on a high level. 90 euro
Acne out this treatement bring down the secretion of sebum, reduce inflammatory lesions, and prevent further breakouts 80 euro
Repagen High tech ingredients working in the deeper layer of the skin 85 euro
Kiwicha Kiwicha has been developed for sensitive skin, skin lacking moisture to dry and mature skin. Natural plant-based formula, gluten-free, free of PEGs, mineral and silicone oils. Free of synthetic fragrances and colorants. Free of animal extracts. 85 euro
Clinical care detox treatement met HC4 toestel The Clinical Care contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, Retinol plus additional, problem-solving substances in 6 different variations.
All Clinical Care products are free of parabens, PEGs and mineral oils.
80 euro
Hyaluron infusion Extreme application of moisturizer, combined with hand peeling and wrap, ideal during or just after summer 75 euro
Stripexan STRI-PEXAN PHYTO STEM CELL treatment can prolong the longevity of the cells in the basal layer. Highly concentrated energy components, combined with complex transport systems, are aimed at stimulating reproduction by cells thought to involve several adult stem cells. 85 euro
Skin concellullar This treatment is suited for all skin types, based on white clay and stem cells of apples 75 euro
Hyaluronic An anti-aging treatment with multiple active hyaluronic acid for intensive moisture supply for a soft skin as well as a smooth and radiant complexion. Moisture and refreshing boost especially for the hot summer months. 75 euro
Bo2look Anti ageing treatment (Arkana) 85 euro
Shicimic perfect for fighting acne, reduces inflammatory changes and stops growth of bacteria. 60 euro
original treatment Basic treatment 67 euro
luxury anti age Anti ageing treatment with wrapping of hand and feet and massage of the back 100 euro
face massage 30 min massage of the face , neck , head and shoulders 35 euro
face treatement child <14 years treatment for children 30 euro
oxygen treatement (PRP) This therapy will remodel the skin and restore its youthfulness. . The therapy gives spectacular anti-aging effects 85 euro
Cannabis This is the first professional and legal biotherapy with the use of cannabis .
It is based on cannabidiol , hemp oil and poppy-seed oil .
Ideal for those suffering from hyper-reactive and dysfunctional skin in wich a protective barrier and its proper functioning have been disturbed.
80 euro
Aloe vera The new all-rounder for all skin types! Valuable and highly concentrated active substances soothe and intensively hydrate the skin. The mild care with aloe vera is also perfectly suitable for sensitive, quickly irritated skin, or after tanning. The cell renewal of the skin is supported and the skin appearance appears more vital and youthfully fresh. 75 euro
Mini lift After treatment, immediate wrinkles filling (“plumping effect”) and skin moisturization (“hydro effect”) are visible 85 euro
Extra decolleté treatement reduce lines immediatly 10 euro
A classic For all skin types from 30 years
Prevents skin aging and pigmentation
80 euro
CollaGen Lifting treatment for mature skin
Wrinkles can be relieved, the skin looks smoother , the contours become tighter and firmer, the moisture balance of the skin can improve.
85 euro
Hyaluronic Balance 80 euro
Diamond This luxurious, lifting facial treatment , effectively fights against the signs of premature aging.
It contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
For a smoother complexion, a more youthful appearance and an unforgettable skin feeling
90 euro