Water work 


With Watsu®, Healing Dance®, Jahara®, Wata®, Aqua Wellness.
By Els, Claudine en Tine

Relaxation, mobilization and process work by a variety of relaxation forms are beneficial to each and every one of us.
When you are individually guided, carried, rocked, massaged and moved by an experienced water therapist, you will experience extra relaxation, with the positive effect of stress decrease. You will gain a broadening of your flow, when adding stretches of the back and limbs.
Water relaxation offers a lot of advantages, both on a physical and psychological level, and is easily applicable. These techniques are thoroughly used in different countries, spread throughout the world.The most important forms of water relaxation throughout the world are: Watsu®, Wata®, Healing Dance®, Jahara®, Aqua Wellness..

Shambalah is proud to offer this variety of water relaxation (unique in our small country). Following the needs and wishes of our clients, the professional therapists offer one or more of these treatments forms. These can be supplemented with Cranio-sacral and Fascial therapy or foot reflexology, performed in the water.

A little more explanation:

WATSU® (shiatsu in water) is a relaxation method where we are carried, moved and massaged in a rhythmic manner, in extra warm water (35°). Through the weightless floating in the warm water, there is a beneficial effect that relieves the back, enhances supple movement of the spine and joints, where the whole body is stretched in fluent movements. The relaxation is instantly noticeable in our breathing, which deepens, slows down and is at ease.
In such a snug condition of heat and weightlessness, our body will omit any unnecessary form of muscle activity. We let go. From a therapeutic point of view, this is an ideal situation where waste minerals can be drained, and tensions and blockages are dissolved.
A feeling of space and freedom adds a new dimension to our physical experience. The intense experience of total, deep relaxation may continue throughout the following days. WATSU® was developed by the American Harold Dull in the 1980’s and 90’s. After his return from Japan, where he studied Zen Shiatsu, he started applying special stretching and massage techniques at the hot springs of Harbin Hot Springs (California).

Healing Dance® is a variant of Watsu®, developed by Alexander Georgeakoupoulos. This method is executed at the surface of the water, but also offers a underwater form, which can be applied at a WATA®-sessions (see below). With his background as a ballet dancer and choreographer, he combines it with the Healing Dance®. Fluent, free and flowing movements, along with the nurturing human proximity, particular to Watsu®. We have a different way of moving in the water than we do on the dry, rather totally with the stream. The pressure of the water is equal at all sides, since the water carries and supports our bodies from all angles. This has a relaxing effect, making the typical Healing Dance® movements and stretches possible, inconceivable at the dry. Healing Dance® is combined perfectly with Watsu®.

With WATA® (water dance), developed by Arjana Brunsweiler and AQUA WELLNESS, you are guided into the water with fluent movements, step by step. The nose is kept in place with a nose clip, which gives you the freedom to stay under water. Similar to WATSU®, the body is stretched, but the experience is even more 3-dimensional.

JAHARA® is a technique based on two main fundaments: the body structure and the unique physical characteristics of warm water, being the Soft Power of the warm water. This method combines a continuous inertia with specific softness and precision, in order to reach a treatment form that brings you close to a meditative state, still being very conscious of your own body and everything going on within.
Slow, continuous movements are combined with micro- adaptations of the body structure, to bring you ‘in alignment’ and to your own ‘center’.
Jahara® also adopts a fluent, soft traction on the spine by continuously moving towards the head. This enhances a decompression of the neurological- musculoskeletal system, a structural expansion of the spine, decrease of stress and pain, and a larger freedom of movement.
The therapist will eventually involve you in your treatment by applying a couple of Active Exercises from the Jahara®-method. You experience a deeper peace and more space within your body by adopting a better balance between relaxation and effort, between body and soul.

CRANIO-SACRAL and FASCIAL THERAPY, adopted in the water, supported by floating resources, by the Cranio-sacral and Fascial method (check massages/therapeutic treatments).
Conducted in warm water, this forms the ideal combination with WATSU® and Healing Dance®.

The different body- and movement forms in the water may be applied to help with both physical and psychological complaints. They are used for the improvement of, amongst others (list is far from complete):

  • Stress related complaints, complaints of the back, migraine and headaches, neck- and shoulder complaints,
  • when suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatism, Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pain,
  • chronic fatigue, sleeping disorder, burn-out syndrome,
  • depression, anxiety,
  • when suffering from shock and trauma,
  • to boost personal identity and self-esteem, personal development, awareness, ...
  • to experience joy, peace, quiet, balance, ...
  • for pregnancy guidance
  • ...

These forms are pretty much suitable to everybody: elders, children, pregnant woman, sportsman, wheelchair-bound people,... You do not need to be able to swim. It can also be integrated with pregnancy guidance, or for pure relaxation, as a counterbalance of daily stress.

The physiological effects of this relaxation lead to: decrease of heartbeat, stretching short muscles or tendons, passively enlarging movement of joints, lengthening the spine, enhancing the suppleness of the fibrous tissue, muting pain,...

Price Aquawellness (Tine) 1h : 60 euro
Price Cranio in water/watsu  & Aquatic therapy (Els) 1h : 70 euro 
Price Aquatherpie (Claudine) 1h30 : 70 euro 

Baby/toddler water habituation

From 6 weeks until 3 years
By Els Soetaert

The amniotic fluid is our first vital environment. In this warm water environment we make our first movements!

What? Being and moving with mummy and daddy, broadening my experiences, getting a ‘feel’ of water, building confidence in the water and going on a journey of discovery, jumping and emerging under water, enjoying, ... This all under the guidance of Els Soetaert*.

Learning to move in space and the stimulation of psycho-motoric development of the child, is the base of water habituation. The purpose of water habituation is to familiarize the baby with the water. The child moves spontaneously and instinctively in the water. The sense of security of the baby is strengthened by a correct manner of encouragement and holding the child, based on the haptonomic approach of human being. In order to respect the development cycle, no training schedules are inflicted upon the child. It is important that the child has (or gains) fun in the water, that it experiences and meets water in a positive manner. Prior to results, the main focus is aimed at a feeling of love, tenderness, harmony, respect, confidence and security.

In this vibe, the toddlers will discover and experience their own limits in a playful manner. From their own impulses and curiosity, they will discover and develop their own abilities. This is all in the proximity of their parents and a therapist. Few ‘toys’ are involved in this experience, the water in itself is a toy.

The children will be wearing a water resistant diaper in the water.

At a minimum of 3 introduction classes, each 30 minutes, no regular exercises will be offered, contrary to the classic water habituation! A baby is not a doll, nor a robot, it is a living creature, with its own will, its own rhythm and its own development. Offering a reaffirming contact, in all openness and without fear, makes the important difference for the development of your child and the development of your relationship with your child! Offering your baby the opportunity to fully discover itself in the wonderful warm water environment makes these introduction classes by Els Soetaert unique in its field.

The price for the 3 individual introduction sessions, each 30 minutes, involving mother, baby, and/or father is 75€ (including bath linen). If you require further private guidance at other times, this can also be provided. With a 10 session punch card (85€), after 3 individual sessions, you can join the group sessions at the allocated dates. This punch card is valid during 6 months, including the child and one companion (5€ extra per extra person). Apart from these provided class times, the usual tariff for the usage of the Aqua Temple will be charged.

* Els Soetaert is trained in haptonomy, diverse forms of water relaxation: Watsu®, Wata®, Healing Dance®, Cranio-sacraltherapy in water, Jahara®, and diverse treatment forms on the dry (massage): Shiatsu relaxation, Fascia therapy mdb, Cranio-sacral therapy

The water at Shambalah is 35°C and contains a minimum of chlorine because of the usage of ionization. The water is approved by the Vlarem regulation and it is checked on a daily basis.

Baby swimming 10-times ticket: 90 euro (1 adult and 1 child included, an extra adult is + 5  euro)
Pool rent included

Wednesday from 14h until 15h
Saturday from 11h until 12h
Private introduction session: 3 x with child and both adults - 30 minutes each time - 80 euro

Appointment with Els Soutaert (0486/ 27 65 53)

The children will be wearing a water resistant diaper in the water!

The 10-times ticket is valid within the hours mentioned above, outside of these hours the normal rate for the aquatempel will be charged.