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Ear-candles were a worldwide ritual and ceremonial attribute hundreds of years ago. It was very popular with the Indians, the Maya’s, the Hopi, as well as with the Indonesian, Asian and Chinese population.

The ear-candle is placed in the auricle. The burning candle sucks air from beneath and causes a partial vacuum. The condense of the bee wax, generated by the heat, is then led into the ear. The condense serves as a means of transport for the heat conduction and the specific added ingredients. The rising air and the descending condense build up to a ventilating effect. This leads to a strong activation of the metabolism and the lymph function in the head. A couple of organs connected to the head, such as the stirrup, hammer shank, cochlea and semicircular canals are positively influenced by the heat.

Ear-candles may help against earache, irritation of the ear and sinuses, tinnitus, headache, migraine, commencing cold, flu... ear-candle therapy is not solely purifying, it is also very soothing.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 40 euro

Family constellation

Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellation, finds that almost every family has to deal with events that disturb the harmony within the family. A next generation unconsciously tries to restore this, which may cause confusion.

Events that may be of great influence:

  • Early passing of one of the parents or grandparents
  • Divorce/ex partners
  • Accidents/diseases
  • Miscarriage or abortion
  • War etc

This systematic process offers a deep insight in yourself and shows the dynamics of family constellations.

Individual conversation guidance/constellation with Claudine.

Duration: ± 2 hours
Price: 75 euro (Each half hour extra is + 10 euro)